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The Aeroller is not just a lawn aerator accessory; it can also convert your rototiller into a Sod Buster! Just mount the cast iron rollers (without the aerator tines) onto the tiller shaft as shown below. The rollers add the weight where weight is needed the most; right at the tines. The increased weight and rotational momentum improves digging capability and stability, ideal for breaking new ground and significantly improves operator's comfort.

Craftsman "Sod Buster" Tiller

Bolens "Sod Buster" Tiller

Yard Machines "Sod Buster" Tiller

Cover threaded holes with tape to keep dirt out

click here to view Sod Buster video (recommended for broadband connection)
click here to view Sod Buster video (recommended for dial-up connection)

The added weight enables the tines to cut through sod and soil with ease, rather than skipping through them. With the Aeroller, your front-tine tiller will cut through sod and break new grounds faster and easier than those heavier and more expensive rear tine tillers.



(1) It is advisable to cover the threaded holes in the rollers with tapes to keep dirt out or blow the threaded holes with compressed air after use.

(2) Using the rollers in this mode will increase wear on the rollers' coating. The rollers may be repainted, if desired.

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