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Below are some comments made by our customers:

I received my Model AR388 Aeroller a few days ago and finally found time to put it on my tiller. You really have a nice product. Nice packaging, easy to assemble and the best of all, it WORKS!! It works as well if not better than any aerator I've ever rented. Thank you for manufacturing a superior product.
Gregory Green
Atoka, TN (March 2009)

I just received my Aeroller lawn aerator attachment and installed it on my Sears garden tiller. It was easy to install and does a terrific job! My yard is heavy clay soil and after a good soaking, the aerator was able to bring
up 2-3 inch plugs. I'll be reseeding, fertilizing and leveling the yard and look forward to a beautiful lawn by early summer. Your product is great!
Tom Walsh
Scotts Valley, CA (February 15, 2006)

lawn aerator on a front-tine garden tiller

After getting some much needed rain, I couldn’t wait to use my Aeroller. I am very pleased with it’s performance. This thing works like a charm. I did two large sections of my yard in just a couple of hours. Doing it the old fashion way (with a pitch fork) would have taken me about 25 hours. I Love the Aeroller!!! Thanks, Ron W. Leander, Texas (October 12, 2005)

This device works very well. Once I got a few minutes practice, I was very impressed with the results. And it is so much easier to use than a commercial aerator. Robert C. (October 15, 2005)

Our yard is 2 yr. old sod (mesh is still underneath), on top of maybe an inch of loose topsoil, on top of clay.  We have the Craftsman tiller, and didn't want to rent an aerator. I found your product after no success with Sears -- Their literature claimed aerator tines were available, but they were nowhere to be found. I' m glad. Your prodcut has worked great on our lawn. The holes are thick and deep enough -- right into the clay without hesitation. That is something the 2-man auger we used to install our fence had trouble doing. Thank you, John (October 14, 2005)

I had the opportunity this past Sunday to aerate the yard and the tines worked great. We had a soaking rain on Saturday and the tines sunk right in. I have an old Republic tiller that my dad used for years and probably my grandfather before him. It has an old 5HP Briggs and Stratton engine that runs on regular "leaded" gas. It is very sturdy and has appreciable weight to it. You have a great product with the aerator tines. I personally cannot see going out and renting an aerator when I have something in the garage that will do the job. I just needed aerator tines in place of the tiller tines. Now I just need to teach my wife how to start the lawn mower... Thanks, Phil (October 12, 2005)

I am pleased with the product, it is very well designed and manufactured and it performs beyond expectations. Thank you, Richard (October 11, 2005)

Finally got to use the aeroller. It worked better than I expected.  I believe it worked better than the aerator that I rented last year. We did 4 yards with it the first day that we assembled it.  Thanks, Rick (April 25, 2003)


I had the chance to use the Aeroller four times this season.  This product is excellent!  I like the idea of never having to buy a dedicated core aerator, and getting more mileage out of my MTD tiller is a huge plus. Thanks, Robert (September 3, 2003)


Hi, just to let you know how the Aeroller worked out for me this past season. I used the Aeroller on most of my neighbors lawns as well as mine and did the job as you stated in your manual that came with the Aeroller. Everyone was impressed with the Aeroller. I passed on the information where to purchase the Aeroller from. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT.  Anymore lawn inventions you come up with, please contact me. I will be interested. Thanks, Terry (October 23, 2003)

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