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Aeroller Lawn Aerator Attachment Kit for Front-Tine Tiller

Click here to view components of the kit

This is the lawn aerator attachment kit featured throughout the website.  It converts your garden tiller into a core lawn aerator. It fits most Craftsman, MTD, Yard-Machines, Cub Cadet, Bolens, Ardisam, Huskee, and Yardman front-tine garden tillers.
If you own a 3.0 or 3.5 hp Craftsman front-tine tiller or a Honda mid-tine tiller, please scroll to the bottom of this page to purchase the necessary adapters.

$169.95 for a complete kit (both sides)
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Sorry, out-of-stock.  Please send an email to  We will inform you when it is back in stock.
Due to its heavy weight, this item can be shipped within USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) only.  We are unable to ship it internationally at this time.

Replacement Aerator Tine for the Aeroller




Hardened and tempered for durability and wear resistance

$4.50 each
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Stake Flags for marking underground sprinkler heads
Bright neon flags for marking underground sprinkler heads so that you can avoid hitting them during lawn aeration.

Quantity: 100

$10.95 for 100 flags
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Sorry, out-of-stock

Heavy Duty 8-inch Wheels

Mounted on a Craftsman tiller

These heavy duty wheels with steel hub and ball-bearings are recommended for Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Yard Machines, Yard-Man, Huskee, MTD, and Poulan front-tine tillers because the original tiller wheels have plastic hubs that are weak and not designed to handle the additional Aeroller weight.  These are specially manufactured wheels with smooth thread so mud will not stick to them.  Great for tilling use also. 

Specification: 8-inch diameter, 1.75-inch wide smooth thread, ball bearing, offset steel hub, for 1/2-inch diameter 1.375-inch or longer shaft.

$24.95 for two wheels

(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Heavy Duty 5-inch Wheel

This heavy duty 5-inch wheel with steel hub and ball bearings is recommended for Bolens 21A-250H765 and 21A-250H065 tillers if the operator is over 5 feet 10 inches tall.  It increases the height of the handle bar so it is more comfortable for tall operators.  Click here for more information.

Specification: 5-inch diameter, 1.5-inch wide smooth thread, ball bearing, offset steel hub, for 1/2-inch diameter 1.375-inch or longer shaft.

$9.95 each
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Adapter Kit for Honda F220, F210, and F200 Tillers



click here for more information

This adapter kit includes a heavy duty 5-inch diameter wheel and two sleeves.  It is required to adapt the Aeroller to Honda F220, F210, and F200 tillers.

$19.95 each kit
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Sorry, out-of-stock

Adapter Kit for Honda F401/K1/K2, F501/K1/K2, and FC600 Tillers




This adapter kit includes two welded sleeves; the larger ends connect to the tiller shaft.  It is required to adapt the Aeroller to Honda F401/K1/K2, F501/K1/K2, and FC600 tillers.  Click here for more information.

$24.95 each kit (one pair)
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Sorry, out-of-stock.

Adapter Kit for 3.0 hp and 3.5 hp Craftsman Tillers (Older Models)

click here for more information

This adapter kit contains two steel tubes.  It is required to adapt the Aeroller to older Craftsman tillers with 3.0 hp and 3.5 hp engines that have between 0.75" and 0.81" diameter shaft.

$8.95 each kit (one pair)
(plus $2.95 flat rate shipping within USA)

Sorry, out-of-stock

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Disclamer: As the compatibility with your tiller and conditions of use are beyond our control, Vibrant Yard Company does not assume any responsibility for the performance or safety of the Aeroller.  Liability is limited to the purchase price of the Aeroller only. Users are responsible for making sure that the Aeroller is compatible with the tiller and is used in a safe and responsible manner.  Consult your tiller operating manual for more information.

Some facts about the Aeroller:
1. A typical commercial/rental lawn aerator has 24 tines. Since the Aeroller has 12 tines only, it requires twice as many passes to achieve the same hole density. It is recommended that 2-4 passes be made over the same area for effective aeration.

2. The Aeroller is lighter and narrower so it is easier to handle and use than a commercial/rental aerator. This is achieved without compromising the aeration depth. The weight of the Aeroller plus the weight of a typical tiller is about 120lbs. A typical commercial/rental aerator with 24 tines weighs about 240 lbs. This means that they have equal weight per tine, which will result in equal aeration depth. Note: lawn aeration is best performed a day after 1-inch of rain or irrigation, when the soil is soft and moist but not muddy.

3. Experts agree that core aerification is the most effective lawn aeration method to reduce soil compaction.  Aeroller's hollow core aerator tines pull soil cores and leave up to 3-inch deep holes in your lawn.  Your grass roots will breathe easier, and your lawn will be revitalized !

4. Less irrigation will be needed due to reduced water run-off.

5. The core aerification with Aeroller's hollow tines dethatches too, and the soil cores help decompose grass clippings and thatch.  The decomposition returns valuable NATURAL nutrients to your lawn (yet another reason not to bag your grass clippings!).  As a result, you will need less chemical fertilizers. 

6. You do not have to reserve the aerator at equipment rental stores or be subjected to other people's schedules anymore. You can choose to aerate at any time or day (note: aeration is best performed a day after 1 inch or more of rain or irrigation). No more carrying heavy equipment to and from rental stores!

7. You don't have to worry about contracting deseases from contaminated aerators anymore. Professional services and rental stores rarely clean their equipment (not to mention disinfect them!). Why take the risk when you can own the Aeroller at about 5% of the cost of a commercial aerator? In fact, the cost of the Aeroller is typically less than one lawn aeration service or two days rental fee.  Lawn aeration is a routine lawn maintenance so the Aeroller will pay for itself time and again.

8. Installation is easy. Interchanging with the tiller tines involves the removal and installation of two pins/bolts only.  See Installation Procedures for more details.

9. Lawn aerating with Aeroller is easy and fun.  You will be amazed when you see your tiller pull the cores!

10. You can do lawn rolling, too! To convert the Aeroller into a roller, simply remove the tines.  Use it to pack down seed, new sod, and mole ridges. The rollers have rounded ends that will not gouge or create ruts.

11. The Aeroller's steel tines are heat-treated for optimum durability and wear resistance.  The rollers are made of ASTM A536 ductile cast iron (the material found on automobile disc brake rotors!) and powder coated for rust prevention.  All the fasteners are made to exact SAE, ANSI, and ASME standards.  Click here to view the Aeroller components (requires Adobe Reader).

12. It's patented design (U.S. Patent No. 6,684,960) uses cast iron rollers to add the necessary weight (about 40 lbs) for effective lawn aeration in heavy soil (note: lawn aeration is best performed a day after rain or irrigation when the soil is moist and soft).  The rollers also serve to prevent excessive tine penetration in soft soil that may tearing up the lawn. 

13. The Aeroller rolls your yard as it aerates, and the soil plugs fill low spots to smooth out minor unevenness gradually.

14. You can also convert your tiller into a Sod Buster.  The Aeroller enables your tiller to cut through sod and new grounds with ease.

15. Most of all, there is nothing like owning your own equipment. You can use it whenever you want and it saves you money! Click here to find out which tiller is compatible with the Aeroller.

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