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At Vibrant Yard Company, we emphasize providing the highest-quality products possible with fast, excellent service.  As a member of the Better Business Bureau and participant of the BBBOnline Reliability Program, we are committed to the highest ethical standards of business conduct.  We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously.  To that end, we strive to serve our customers with honesty and integrity, provide extensive product support to every customer.

We are also the inventor and manufacturer of the Step 'N Tilt Core Lawn Aerator - an innovative manual lawn aerator that is very easy to use.  It also uses true core aerator tines which provide the most effective lawn aeration.  Since it can be used near solid objects such as concrete driveways and curbs, it complements the motorized aerators including the Aeroller very well. 



1. The Aeroller's patented design (U.S. Patent # 6,684,960) uses solid cast iron rollers that add the necessary weight for effective lawn aeration.  The rollers also serve to control tine penetration depth so it will not tear up the lawn.  

2. It is invented and designed in the USA by a lawn enthusiast who has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.Sc. in Materials Science, and a M.Sc. in Structural Engineering with 12 years experience working in the aerospace industry in Wichita, Kansas, so you can be sure that it is very durable and built to last.  The design has been refined several times since it was first invented in 2001 and sold commercially in 2002.  As a result, it is highly functional and easy to use.

3. The Aeroller uses the same 3/4" diameter core aerating tines found in commercial lawn aerators.  The steel tines are hardened for increased durability.  It is not a spike aerator that simply pokes holes in the ground.  It will remove soil cores and create the same hole diameter and depth as those rental/commercial aerators.    

4. Thanks to the advanced powder coating finish technology, the rollers are very easy to clean; soil and mud rarely stick to the surface. 

It is so fun to use, yet so practical and functional, we guarantee you will draw a crowd in your neighborhood!  Make your tiller work harder for you.  Make it do lawn aeration too!

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