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A lawn aerator attachment that converts many front-tine and mid-tine garden tillers into core lawn aeration machines.  It uses true core aerator tines identical to those used on commercial/rental lawn aerators.  The Aeroller lawn aerator attachment is designed to fit onto front-tine tillers with 1-inch diameter rotating shaft.  Click on Garden Tiller Compatibility to determine if your tiller is compatible with the Aeroller lawn aerator attachment.  Click on the pictures and videos below to review the Aeroller lawn aerator attachment on various front-tine garden tillers.

On a Sears Craftsman front-tine garden tiller model 29148:

with its original garden tiller tines
Sears Craftsman garden tiller

with the Aeroller
Lawn aerator on Craftsman garden tiller

closeup view
core lawn aerator

closeup view
core aerator

Soil cores will disappear within about a week
soil core plugs from lawn aeration

It pulls even the heaviest clay soil
lawn aeration result with core lawn aerator

The rollers prevent excessive tine penetration in soft soil so the Aeroller will never tear up your lawn. The rollers are made of solid cast iron so they add about 40 lbs to the tiller to achieve deeper aeration in heavy clay soil.  But don't worry - the additional weight will not damage your tiller.  In fact, the rolling motion in aeration mode is smoother and easier on your tiller than tilling mode.  Aeration mode also requires less power than tilling mode. Most owners will run their tillers in aeration mode at about 80% throttle only.  Commercial aerators such as Bluebird and Ryan that have between 3.5 to 5.5-hp engines usually weigh about 240-lbs and have at least 24 tines.  The engine on your tiller is sufficient to run 120-lbs combined weight of your tiller and Aeroller with 12 tines.

On a MTD Yard Machines front-tine garden tiller model 340:

with its original garden tiller tines
MTD Yard Machines Garden Tiller

with the Aeroller
lawn aerator on MTD Yard Machines tiller

You do not need to rent lawn aerators or hire aeration service anymore.  It is as effective as any commercial/rental lawn aerator, yet much easier to use.  Note: motorized lawn aerators should not be used near solid objects such as concrete driveways and curbs.  Manual lawn aerator such as the Step 'N Tilt Core Aerator ( are especially suited to aerate at tight spaces.

On a MTD Bolens front-tine garden tiller model 250H765:

with its original garden tiller tines
MTD Bolens garden tiller

with the Aeroller
MTD Bolens garden tiller with lawn aerator attachment

On an Ardisam Earthquake Badger front-tine garden tiller Model 3365:
Note: While this tiller is designed perfectly for tilling, it is not the most ideal tiller for lawn aeration purpose because its center of gravity (weight) is not directly above its tines.  So, the soil should be extra moist/soft or the aeration will not be as deep.  It will be helpful if you can find a way to add some weights to the tiller frame.

with its original garden tiller tines
Ardisam Earthquake Badger front-tine tiller

with the Aeroller
Lawn aerator on Ardisam Earthquake Badger front-tine tiller

Helpful hint: For up to 3 inch deep holes, lawn aeration should be performed a day after 1 inch of rain or irrigation.  The soil should be soft and moist, but not too wet or muddy.

On a Honda Mid-tine garden tiller Model F220:

lawn aerator on Honda F220 F210 tiller

Note: Honda F220 tiller requires a special adapter kit which is available here.

On a Honda Mid-tine garden tiller Model FC600:

Lawn aerator on a Honda FC600 tiller

Note: Honda FC600 tiller requires a special adapter kit which is available here.

If you are interested in manual lawn core aerators, please visit the Step N Tilt Coring Lawn Aerator website at  

Some facts about the Aeroller lawn aerator attachment:
1. A typical commercial/rental lawn aerator has 24 tines. Since the Aeroller has 12 tines only, it requires twice as many passes to achieve the same hole density. It is recommended that 2-4 passes be made over the same area for effective lawn aeration.

2. The Aeroller, when installed on a compatible garden tiller, weighs about half as much as a typical commercial aerator.  The weight-per-tine is the same as that of a commercial aerator so the Aeroller is designed and guaranteed to achieve equally deep aeration.  Its lighter weight makes it easier to handle and maneuver than a commercial lawn aerator.  Those commercial/rental aerators are heavy and difficult to handle.  Want some proof?  Click here to watch a video of a big guy wrestling a commercial/rental lawn aerator on YouTube.

3. Well aerated lawn will require less irrigation due to reduced water run-off.  Experts agree that core aeration is the most effective lawn aeration method to reduce soil compaction.  Aeroller's hollow core aerator tines pull soil cores and leave 2-3 inch deep holes in your lawn.  Your grass roots will breathe easier, and your lawn will be revitalized !

4. The core aeration with Aeroller's hollow tines dethatches too, and the soil cores help decompose grass clippings and thatch.  The decomposition returns valuable NATURAL nutrients to your lawn (yet another reason not to bag your grass clippings!).  As a result, you will need less chemical fertilizers. 

5. You do not have to reserve lawn aerator at equipment rental stores or be subjected to other people's schedules anymore. You can do-it-yourself (DIY) and choose to perform lawn aeration at any time or day (note: lawn aeration is best performed a day after 1 inch or more of rain or irrigation). No more carrying heavy equipment to and from rental stores!

6. You don't have to worry about contracting diseases from contaminated lawn aerators anymore. Professional services and rental stores rarely clean their equipment (not to mention disinfect them!). Why take the risk when you can own the Aeroller at about 5% of the cost of a commercial lawn aerator? In fact, the cost of the Aeroller is typically less than one lawn aeration service or two days rental fee.  Lawn aeration is a routine lawn maintenance so the Aeroller will pay for itself time and again.

7. Installation is easy. Interchanging with the tiller tines involves the removal and installation of two pins/bolts only.  See Installation Procedures for more details.

8. Lawn aeration with Aeroller is easy and fun.  You will be amazed when you see your tiller pull the cores!

9. The Aeroller's core aerator tines are heat-treated for optimum durability and wear resistance.  The rollers are made of ASTM A536 ductile cast iron (the material found on automobile disc brake rotors!) and powder coated for rust prevention.  All the fasteners are made to exact SAE, ANSI, and ASME standards.  Click here to view the Aeroller components (requires Adobe Reader).

10. It's patented design (U.S. Patent No. 6,684,960) uses cast iron rollers to add the necessary weight (about 40 lbs) for effective lawn aeration in heavy soil (note: lawn aeration is best performed a day after rain or irrigation when the soil is moist and soft).  The rollers also serve to prevent excessive tine penetration in soft soil that may tear up the lawn. 

11. The Aeroller rolls your yard as it aerates, and the soil plugs fill low spots to smooth out minor unevenness gradually.

12. You can also convert your tiller into a Sod Buster.  The Aeroller enables your tiller to cut through sod and new grounds with ease.

13. Most of all, there is nothing like owning your own equipment. You can use it whenever you want and it saves you money! Click here to find out which tiller is compatible with the Aeroller.

Make your garden tiller work harder for you.  Make it do lawn aeration for you too.

lawn aerator attachment
Click picture to enlarge view

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